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Review reading highlights

We suggested you review all imported or added highlights regularly. Review is a one-time operation; the highlights will not be shown again next time when reviewing after you already reviewed it.

When you review, you can:

  1. Mark the highlight as favored, flashcard or action. The flashcard is what you want to remember, and the action is what you like to do.
  2. Make double sides flashcards or cloze deletion flashcards.
  3. Edit the highlight.

How to review highlights?#

Review Highlights

How to make question-answer flashcard?#

Question Answer Flashcard

How to make cloze deletion flashcard?#

Cloze Deletion Flashcard

Different review approaches#

Review a book#

Review a Book

Review today's highlights#

Review Today Highlights

Review a highlight#

Review a highlight

Review all unreviewed highlights#

Review all highlights