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How to remember highlights?

You need Wise Flashcard to study the cards.

  • Collection highlights and prepares flashcards in Wise Highlight. The card will automatically transfer into Wise Flashcards from Wise Highlights.
  • Study cards daily in Wise Flashcards.
Why use another app to study the flashcards?
  1. Focus: There is nothing but study flashcards in Wise Flashcards.
  2. Simple and fast: A simple and fast running app for you to review cards anytime.

How to review highlights?#

Review Highlights

How to make question-answer flashcard?#

Question Answer Flashcard

How to make cloze deletion flashcard?#

Cloze Deletion Flashcard

How to Remeber Flashcards#

Study a deck#

Study a deck

Study all decks#

Study a deck