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Getting Started

Wise Highlights help you better remember and make use of what you read.

Benefits of using Wise Highlights#

  1. Easy to review, search highlights and notes.
  2. Create and learn Flashcards from reading highlights.

How Wise Highlights works?#

  1. Import highlights. Currently supports importing data from Kindle, Apple Books, MarginNote3, and web pages and PDFs.
  2. Review. It is recommended to do a one-time review of all imported highlights; You can sort the data and create a Flashcard.
  3. Remember. Use Wise Flashcard to study and review the flashcards daily with spaced repetition.
What is spaced repetition?

Spaced repetition is a technique for efficient memorization which uses repeated review of content following a schedule determined by a spaced repetition algorithm to improve long-term retention.