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Simpler Tools To Boost Your Personal Growth

Set achievable goals, manage your study from reading, maintaining personal growth over time.

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Cloud sync applications; works on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Organize Your Reading Highlights

Review, organize and revisit important highlights of your books and web pages.


Easy-to-use apps for capture highlights from Kindle, Apple Book, webpages and more.


Review and learn from book highlights faster.



Manage reading highlights, search, share or export it.

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Remember What Your Read

Remember what you read with double side or cloze flashcards.


Make or import your reading flashcards.


Use spaced repetition to remember what you learn.



Track your daily review progress and keep learning.

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Track your growth with Timeline

Help you keep track of the events you care about.


Making progress towards your purpose.


Helping you better understand progress.



Taking a journey of improvement.

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